Gardiner Sets J – R

In these pages you will find the hieroglyphs from the following sign sets. (Set J is not used.)

  • J. Not used, empty
  • K. Fish and Parts of Fish
  • L. Invertebrates and Lesser Animals
  • M. Trees and Plants
  • N. Sky, Earth, Water
  • O. Buildings, Parts of Buildings, etc.
  • P. Ships and Parts of Ships
  • Q. Domestics and Funerary Furniture
  • R. Temple Furniture and Sacred Emblems

We have built these sign tables using the Hieroglyph WordPress plugin by Kate Phizackerley.  The symbols are based on the New Gardiner font by Mark-Jan Nederhof.  The first text line beneath a glyph symbol is the Gardiner code; if there is a mnemonic, this is shown below in parentheses.