Gardiner Sets S – Z, Aa

In these pages you will find the hieroglyphs from the following sign sets.

  • S. Crowns, Dress, Staves, etc.
  • T. Warfare, Hunting, Butchery
  • U. Agriculture, Crafts, and Professions
  • V. Rope, Fiber, Baskets, Bags, etc.
  • W. Vessels of Stone and Earthenware
  • X. Loaves and Cakes
  • Y. Writings, Games, Music
  • Z. Strokes, Signs derived from Hieratic, Geometrical Figures
  • Aa. Unclassified

We have built these sign tables using the Hieroglyph WordPress plugin by Kate Phizackerley.  The symbols are based on the New Gardiner font by Mark-Jan Nederhof.  The first text line beneath a glyph symbol is the Gardiner code; if there is a mnemonic, this is shown below in parentheses.