Resources for WordPress

Kate Phizackerley has developed a number of plugins for WordPress which we use to display hieroglphs on EO websites.  If you are looking for how to specify hieroglyphs within your text, then please visit Hieroglyphs page on Egyptological for an overview, for the Hieroglyph User Guide for more detail.

You will find information about each of the plugins on tabbed pages, including when they will be available for download if you wish to use them on your own site.  It isn’t necessary to be using WordPress, but it is easier as you just download the plugins and start using them.   You will need to have some knowledge of PHP, if you wish to use them on a site which doesn’t use WordPress

  • Glypheer – is an advanced plugin which can parse Manuel de Codage
  • Egyptological Hieroglyph – is Kate Phizackerley’s premier plugin, compact and capable
  • WP-Hiero – is a compromise which has a small footprint but can parse MDC, although the layout is poor.

Kate welcomes your feedback or suggesstions.  These are very much works in progress.