Editorial Team

The editorial team is led by the Founders and Senior Editors of Egyptological, Andrea Byrnes and Kate Phizackerley.  If you need to get hold of us you can email us here.

Our Features Editor is Barbara O’Neill who, after writing many excellent articles for us and creating the regular Egyptologically Speaking interview slot,  joined us in June 2012 to manage the development of special features and look after the development of the In Brief section of the site.

Our Senior Proof Reader is Kate Gingell, who is a highly skilled and invaluable contributor to every issue.

Additionally, we have some excellent regular contributors who apply their marvelous skills to proof reading articles for each edition.  Our sincere thanks to all of you.

Volunteers keep Egyptological alive and kicking, with our sincere thanks!  We are still looking for more long-term volunteers.  Please see our Volunteers Wanted page if you are interested in helping us with editorial work and other roles.  Should you join our team we can assure you that you will be much valued.


Volunteers who helped us superbly with the editing of Edition 1 of the Magazine and Journal are Jennifer Eberhart, Rebecca Kelly and Joyce Scribner.  Our invaluable proof readers were  Garry Beuk and Karen Hauck, who also took on additional articles for the In Brief section.  John Dewey took on the major task of translating our one French article in the Journal into English for us.  Many thanks to you all for your help – it is sincerely appreciated.

For Edition 2 of the Magazine, our thanks go out to Karen Hauck, Joyce Scribner, Cheryll Agg and Rebecca Kelly.

For Edition 2 of the Journal and Edition 3 of the Magazine, we owe a massive debt of thanks to Diana Gainer, who translated Etienne Vande Walle’s article from the original French.  Our sincere thanks also to Cheryll Agg, Karen Hauck,  Florence Shearer and Vivianne Rowan for some excellent and much-needed proof reading.

For Edition 3 of the Journal and Edition 4 of the Magazine we would like to thank those who helped with editing and proof reading:  Kate Gingell (to whom many thanks for turning around late articles so quickly), Cheryll Agg, Florence Shearer, Karen Hauck and Vivianne Rowan. Special thanks again to Diana Gainer for translating another very challenging article from the original French.

For Editions 5 and 6, we are in debt to Kate Gingell and Cheryll Agg for their excellent proof reading skills.





Last modified: April 14th, 2013