Edition - December, 2012

Discussion: King Apophis and Hippos?

I’ve been tearing through every book I have, pouring over websites, and I can’t seem to find a satisfactory explaination as to the meaning of King Apophis’ message to Pharaoh Seqenenre, wherein Apophis complains about the noise of the hippos in a canal in east Thebes. It has been suggested that the hippos are metaphorical, […] [more…]

Edition - July, 2012

Photo request: Pepy 1 and his son in the Cairo Museum

I am very urgently trying to obtain a good colour photo of Pepy 1 and his son in the Cairo Museum, for use in an exhibition catalogue. I can’t get any response from the Museum. Can you help or suggest where to try? It is very urgent. I have found a good one of the […] [more…]

Does anyone have a photo of Babi?

I’ve just written a short article about the baboon deity Babi and, in an ideal world, would like to put a photograph of the troublesome deity with it.  I have scoured the Web for one with copyright attributions but although there are several on people’s pages it is impossible to see who owns the copyright, […] [more…]

London hieroglyph course September/October?

We’ve had a query from someone wanting to attend a hieroglyph course in London, starting September/October this year (she is not available over the summer).  She wants to go on a taught course rather than learning out of a book or online. Best, Andrea. [more…]

Looking for a hieroglyph teacher, south coast, England

We are looking for someone to teach a small group of people on the south coast, working through Collier & Manley. Geographically between Worthing and Portsmouth! Can anyone help? Regards, Pat Kennedy [more…]

Information on Sarwat Okasha

I am searching for biographical information on Sarwat Okasha who was Eqypt’s Minister of Culture during the 1960’s, as well as a Vice President.  He was also active in Unesco during the same time period.  Can someone provide some information or sources regarding Sarwat Okasha’s life and accomplishments? Many thanks Sally Cromier [more…]

Ethnic origin of Ramesses I?

A question from Derek Martin. Is there any evidence that Ramesses I could have could have had a degree of Hyksos ancestry? Ramesses I was born in Avaris, the old Hyksos capital, his father’s name was Seti (the Hyksos chose the Egyptian God Set, because he was closest to their own God Ba’al) and he […] [more…]

Question about healthcare facilities

We’ve had a query from andrea@hydeinc, who works in healthcare facility design and would like to know if any healtchare facilities have been identified from Ancient Egypt and how they wre laid out. She is particularly interested in floor plans and what sort of access to daylight and water were provided, with a view to […] [more…]

Help researching Ankhesenamum

I have been an armchair egyptologist for over 50 years. I have two main interests in Egyptology; Ankhesenamum and Tutmania. As a psychologist, I have long been interested in the impact of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun as a social and cultural phenomenon and as an aspect of popular culture to the present […] [more…]

Edition - November, 2011

Wanted – Pictures of Dyntasty 0 Scorpion Items

We have a forthcoming article on the Scorpion King and it is proving hard to find pictures of some items without copyright restrictions.  If anybody has any suitable photographs we could use, could you please contact me in the next few days.   Thanks Kate [more…]