Discuss and Comment

Egyptological was set up to communicate information in a friendly and easily accessible way.  At the same time we wanted to encourage dialogue and feedback so that anyone can share ideas and opinions about articles and reviews posted and any questions or ideas that they may have.

Readers can comment on articles and photographs and engage with each other by leaving comments and developing discussions. Starting or joining a discussion is easy.  If you have read an article, review, report or any other publication on the site you will find a “Leave A Reply” link at the bottom of that page.  Click on it and complete the form to add your comment – it’s as easy as that.  We have made the name field obligatory not because we need your name (you can make one up of you want to) but so that anyone who wants to reply to your comment knows to whom to address it.  This will save a lot of confusion!  You can see recent comments here.

We are more than happy to hear strong disagreements and if something frustrates you feel free to say so – but please keep it civilized and please make sure you understand our terms and conditions.  We may moderate comments to help Egyptological  remain spam-free and polite; however, as a small team we cannot guarantee to remove all inappropriate comments nor to do so quickly.  (To minimise spam, all comments with links will be moderated before publication).

If you would like to personalize your entry with a photograph of yourself or an image to represent you then visit Gravatar to set up your account, free of charge, and register an image with them – it will immediately show on Egyptological whenever you make a comment.

Please also consider contributing to the Discussion pages in our Colloquy section, our area for our readers to ask questions, pose ideas and make suggestions.

We are always pleased to hear from you, so please talk to us!  If you have any questions, comments, ideas or problems do get in touch.




Last modified: March 19th, 2010