Please find below a quick reference for the version of each of the Guideline documents in this section.  If you write for us regularly you might want to check this page from time to time.  As we make changes in response to feedback from editors, readers and writers we will update this page with the changes that have been made to each of the Write For Us guidelines.

Content Requirement Guidelines (“Content”)

  • 6th September 2012 – clarification of some points and revised word-counts added
  • 7th September 2011 – added editorial discretion re word-counts, timing and period
  • 3rd April 2011 – version 1.0

Document Style Guidelines (“Style)

  • 3rd April 2011

Plagiarism Guidelines (“Plagiarism”)

  • 3rd April 2011

Document Submission Guidelines (“Submit”)

  • 12th September 2012 – revision of some minor points
  • 3rd April 2011 – version 1.0

New To Writing ?

  • 12th September 2012 – additional emphasis placed on how to write for a specific audience
    6th June 2011 – version 1.0



Last modified: April 2nd, 2011