There is evidence that the looting is spreading from Abusir to Dashur.  On 27th March Dr Hawass said:

In Dahshur, antiquities inspectors were able to recover two large blocks with colored scenes from the funerary temple of Amenemhat I. They are also struggling to prevent people from moving onto archaeological land and digging illegally at night

Nicole Kehrer of the German Achaeological Institute in Berlin has said that their base in Dashur was looted, (this is the report in the comment below) but it is unclear whether the suspected losses were just the teams’ equipment or whether antiquities might have been looted too.

On 13th February, Dr Hawass reported that “In another terrible turn of events, last night a magazine in Dahshur was broken into; it is called De Morgan’s. This magazine contains large blocks and small artifacts.”  It is presently unclear whether this is a separate break in to that reported by Nicole Kehrer. On 14th February, Ahram Online stated that the theft amounted to 8 amulets but gave no further details or photographs to aid their recovery. A photo of the bricked up magazine is here.

Last modified: February 4th, 2011

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