Recent Comments Back!

If like me you have been missing a way of seeing if there are any new comments you will be pleased to hear that the Recent Comments page is back and is on the sub-menu below the home (“Welcome”) page.  At present it only shows a small snippet of the comment – I will keep […] [more…]

Editorial – Magazine Edition 10

A very warm welcome to Edition 10 of the Magazine. First, it is with enormous pleasure that we welcome back Brian Alm to the Magazine.  Brian has penned a new series for Egyptological:  “Read Like an Egyptian” — Art in Ancient Egypt.  In Part 1 Brian begins with how art should be defined in the […] [more…]

An interview with Dr Garry Shaw - any questions?

An interview with Dr Garry Shaw – any questions?

Dr Garry J. Shaw’s new book “The Egyptian Myths” has just turned up on my doorstep. Dr Shaw has very kindly agreed to be interviewed about the book for Egyptological, so I am assembling questions as I read. Does anyone have any questions that they would like me to put to Dr Shaw? You can […] [more…]

11th December - update about the Photo Albums

11th December – update about the Photo Albums

When we shifted things around after the hackers did so much damage to the site, one of the casualties was the Photo Album feature.  We no longer have them on the site, but it seemed a shame to lose them entirely so we are resurrecting some of the previous Albums (with the permission of the […] [more…]

4th December 2013 - The latest news from Egyptological

4th December 2013 – The latest news from Egyptological

Today we published the 6th edition of the Journal and the 9th edition of the Magazine, after a tough year following the professional attack on the site by hackers in 2012.  You can find our latest Editorial on the site, which summarizes the latest content.  We do hope you enjoy it. As most of our […] [more…]

Figure 5 Early Dynastic smiting scene by King Den, British Museum. Photograph by CaptMondo

Editorial – Journal Edition 7 and Magazine Edition 9

A very warm welcome to the new edition of Egyptological. After a rocky few months following the damage that professional hackers inflicted on Egyptological, we have moved the site to a new host and are very pleased to be back.  This is our first new edition since April, so we are delighted to be able […] [more…]

Latest News from November 2013

Welcome to our Site News page.  If you have any questions about this or any other items on the site, please post a comemnt. You can also ask us questions by email at or on our Facebook page     [more…]

Latest news re recovery of Egyptological

Please see our home page ( for updates about our return to service. If the site becomes unavailable for any reason, rest assured that we are working on it.   Many, many thanks for everyone’s support during this incredibly trying time. Best, Andie. [more…]

Site news: Recent Comments Fixed & General Update

There was a problem with the Recent Comments page which is now fixed and once again it should show you the most recent comments left anywhere on Egyptological. We are also working on the next edition of the Magazine but in the meantime we though we would share some traffic figures to show how Egyptological […] [more…]

Editorial – Journal Edition 6

We prefer to publish both together but Journal articles tend to take a lot of editorial time.  When you read the acknowledgements for David Smith’s article you will realise that many, many people beyond Andrea and I have contributed time to help finalise the research.  We are very grateful for their assistance. Our first article […] [more…]