Help Printing

The print button at the bottom of an editon archive will replace the article previews with the full text of all the articles in that edition so that you can print out a full edition easily.  Firefox and Chrome will print that out fairly well; Safari and Opera do rather poorly and may print the background underneath the text.

To offer a cleaner print, you will also find a print button near to the bottom of articles.  If you click to follow that, the article will be redisplayed without any menus or background – indeed with a very simple format.  Every browser we hae tried can produce a reasonable copy from that cut down layout.

In our next release of the underlying theme which governs the layout of the site, we will combine the two options so that a full edition view is also available in the lean layout for printing.  We also know that shading over hieroglyphs doesn’t print.  The next version of the Egyptological Hieroglyphs plugin will correct that.

Should you experience any formatting problems with the printed version of a page please contact us.


Last modified: August 15th, 2010