Fayoum Area

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Almasry Alyoum has reported illegal digging at Gazra.  From a report dated 30th March:

Another watchman, Samir Abdel Dayim, said the armed groups had exploited the security vacuum and attacked the area several times, digging for artifacts all night long and leaving behind dozens of deep holes.

The site is also encroached by a modern cemetry.

Ihnasya el Medinah

This site is reported to have been damaged, but there is little information.

El Lahun

The El Lahun Survey Project blog records that some damage has been reported with traces of illicit digging.I

In a separate development the Ministry has shut down the Lahun project run by an Egyptian team after Youm carried pictures demonstrating shocking treatment of finds.

Karanis (Kom Aushim)

The El Lahun Survey Project blog also reports that attempts to loot the Karanis magazine were unsuccessful and that the site is now protected by both SCA officials and local people.

Last modified: February 1st, 2011

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