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Your Copyright

The basic principle is that any contributor (you) who publishes an article, comment or photograph on Egyptological Online retains copyright to your work but grants to us a licence to display, reproduce or modify the content as described on this page.  Any person or organisation who wishes to reproduce material from Egyptological Online requires the prior consent of the relevant contributor(s) , unless that material has been explicitly released into the public domain or licensed under Creative Commons.

By submitting content, you warrant that the material is your own original work and grant to us first publication rights together with an unlimited, non-expiring and irrevocable licence to reproduce the content or to make derived works (e.g. by combining several comments into a short article) anywhere on Egyptological Online, including any newsfeeds or other derivations of our websites. (First publication rights means that we publish your material before any other site but you are then free to republish your content anywhere else.)  You should include the relevant Creative Commons markup within your submitted material if you wish to publish your content under a Creative Commons licence .  All rights are reserved for all material which is not explicitly released under a Creative Commons licence.  We cannot accept articles or photographs which are submitted anonymously.  You are also asked to use your legal name (or a substantive portion of your legal name) rather than an online pseudonym.

Please read our policy on plagiarism which will help you to ensure that your work is original.


If you are proposing to illustrate articles using photographs taken by another person, we will require:

  • confirmation of relase from the photographer;
  • evidence that the photograph is available under a Creative Commons licence, or
  • evidence that the photograph is in the public domain.

Photographs taken within museums and some other locations may also be restricted by licence terms under which photography was allowed.  You should advise us of any restrictions (for example, non-commercial use only) which apply to photographs submitted.

To make sourcing photographs easier for our premier content, we undertake not to place advertisement on the Journal and Magazine, nor on the Egyptological Looting Database, although we may place adertisements on other content.  You should ensure this is sufficient to meet any “non-commercial” requirements.

Our Copyright

As a database, EO content is treated under English law as a literary work in which the Founders also hold copyright.  Without limitation we may edit content for publication, or to show highlights of articles on other parts of EO.  We may also decline to publish, withdraw or delete content at any time.  You should not rely upon us to maintain a copy of your work.

EO RSS newsfeeds are provided for personal use only and may not be displayed on any site without our permission.

Terms and Conditions

You should also refer to our Terms and Conditions to understand your responsibilities when submitting work.  We do not pay for content.

Special Provisions for the Egyptological Looting Database 2011

Creative Commons LicenceUnless otherwise noted, material published in the Egyptological Looting Database is © Kate Phizackerley and is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Licence. Content  attributed to other material is copyright of the respective authors and is all rights reserved.

Further Information

If you would like an introduction to copyright law as it applies to England and Wales, we suggest that you read Copyright law: the basics, on; however, we make no warranty as to the accuracy of that document which is provided as background information only.

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