Alphabetical Archive of Articles in the Journal

Aspects of Colour in Ancient Egypt

By  (6 responses) - October, 2012

Brilliant Blue: A Practical Investigation of the Production of Ancient Egyptian Faience

By  (7 responses) - August, 2012

Comparison of the stelae of wsrimn (Fisher Collection, Detroit) and of ddwsbk (Louvre C240 and BM566) of Dynasty XII

By  (4 responses) - December, 2011

Introduction to the Contents of Tomb KV57 (Horemheb)

By  (9 responses) - February, 2012

Notes en marge de la scène dite «de reddition des comptes» dans le mastaba de Mererouka

By  (one response) - February, 2012

Notes in the margins of the scene termed “rendering accounts” in the mastaba of Mereruka

By  (4 responses) - February, 2012

Notes on Legal Vocabulary (Old Kingdom and the First Intermediate Period)

By  (no responses) - August, 2012

Public Health in Ancient Egypt by Anthony J. Cagle

By  (5 responses) - October, 2012

Shabtis in Croatian Private Collections and Museums

By  (4 responses) - June, 2011

Solar Eclipse Events in the New Kingdom – Part 1: Texts and Funerary Material

By  (5 responses) - August, 2012

Solar Eclipse Events in the New Kingdom Part 2 – Astronomical Analysis

By  (no responses) - October, 2012

The contributions of A.J. Arkell to eastern Saharan prehistory

By  (no responses) - December, 2011

The Origin and Early Development of the Smiting Scene

By  (one response) - December, 2013

The Papyri of Heqanakht and the Emergence of a Middle Class in Middle Kingdom Egypt

By  (6 responses) - August, 2012

The sAb in the Old Kingdom: a consideration of the title within the scope of a prosopographic study

By  (10 responses) - June, 2011

Vernacular Voices II: Ptolemaios, Phatres and Eirenais – Three Romano-Egyptians in Wadi Qash

By  (16 responses) - December, 2013

Who Is King Scorpion?

By  (4 responses) - December, 2011