4th December 2013 – The latest news from Egyptological

E16 Macclesfield MummyToday we published the 6th edition of the Journal and the 9th edition of the Magazine, after a tough year following the professional attack on the site by hackers in 2012.  You can find our latest Editorial on the site, which summarizes the latest content.  We do hope you enjoy it.

As most of our regular readers know, although we published an edition earlier this year, it has taken us time to get back on our feet, and it has been done with so much support from those of you have been with us since the earliest days of Egyptological.  We are delighted to report that things are very nearly back to normal on our new web host.

Obviously, you will notice that there are still some niggling issues to resolve.  For example, there are still some images missing from older articles but they will be put right soon.  Some of the links on the site no longer work, and we have been pulling together an inventory of those, with a view to fixing them.  So there are still various tasks to be carried out, and we are working our way through them.

The news everywhere else is good and although you can always comment about articles on the site itself, we also now have a new Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/egyptological. As ever we thank both authors and readers for their continued support.