11th December – update about the Photo Albums

Wadi Hammamat

Engraving in the Wadi Hammamat by Kate Gingell

When we shifted things around after the hackers did so much damage to the site, one of the casualties was the Photo Album feature.  We no longer have them on the site, but it seemed a shame to lose them entirely so we are resurrecting some of the previous Albums (with the permission of the copyright owners of the photographs) on Facebook.  We have always been in two minds about the value of a Facebook page, given that readers can comment on Egyptological itself,  but there are obvious benefits and resurrecting the Photo Albums is one of them.

So today I put up our first of the the former sets – a collection of photographs of the Wadi Hammamat, a thoroughfare used for thousands of years in the Eastern Desert, by Kate Gingell (thanks Kate!).   You can find our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/egyptological.