Edition - September, 2011

Help required identifying photos from Abusir

A query from Pat Kennedy: A few years ago I made a visit to the Abusir pyramid field but fear that my photos have become mixed up and I don’t know what I took, where. I am sure of the provenance of the Sahure pyramid picture but I think the other two may have been […] [more…]

Edition - August, 2011

Title of a paper on microeconomics by Christopher Eyre

I have been asked to find out if anyone knows the title and location of a paper by Chris Eyre about the Ancient Egyptian economy, in which Eyre considers the economy from a microeconomic (rather than a macroeconomic) viewpoint.  I’ve done a web search with no success.  I realize that this is not much to […] [more…]

Watermelons in Ancient Egypt

I wondered if anyone could throw some light on a fruity puzzle I’ve happened upon concerning watermelons! In a recent post from the EEF Friday digest, it was noted that the watermelon was known in ancient Egypt. The post went on to say that the name for this fruit ‘bddw-kA’ has been found in inscriptions […] [more…]

Edition - July, 2011

The African Origins of the Ancient Egytians?

I originally wrote this paper for a peer-reviewed journal, but seeing that I am a mere student rather than a degree-carrying expert who has earned a lot of academic clout, I decided to share it with the larger Internet community on Scribd. The article’s thesis is that even though ancient Egypt is commonly characterized as […] [more…]

Support for mobile phones

On behalf of  “J.” Do you plan on making a mobile version for your online journals making it easier to read on mobile phones?   [more…]

Tunnels of the Osireion, Abydos

(Editor’s note:  See the photographs of the Osireion by James on Egyptological at:  http://bit.ly/oVYiSE): I have a bit of a theory about what this was.  Wouldn’t it be nice if these tunnels were used during the Raising of the Djed Pillar ceremony?  I can see priests walking down the tunnel in photos 3 and 4 […] [more…]

Hatshepsut Papyri?

Stuart Tyler, author of the Hatshepsut Project, asks: I have been researching Hatshepsut’s footsteps for around a year now and i have yet to come across any papyri/papyrus mentioning her. Perhaps i am not looking in the right places or maybe none have been discovered? I wonder if anyone else has any leads or information […] [more…]

Inscriptions of Mortuary Temple of Seti I

The author Michael Heiser is looking for publication on the inscriptions of the hieroglyphic inscriptions at the West Bank of thw Mortuary Temple of Seti I.  Can anybody point to where these have been published please? [more…]

Edition - June, 2011

Pigs in Ancient Egypt – Photographs

Does anyone have any photographs of pigs in AE contexts that they would be willing for me to use?  I want to write an article on the subject of how pigs were used in the Egyptian agricultural mix, and need photographs to illustrate the article which may appear online.  You would need to own the […] [more…]