The African Origins of the Ancient Egytians?

I originally wrote this paper for a peer-reviewed journal, but seeing that I am a mere student rather than a degree-carrying expert who has earned a lot of academic clout, I decided to share it with the larger Internet community on Scribd. The article’s thesis is that even though ancient Egypt is commonly characterized as a “Mediterranean” or “Near Eastern” civilization, it was in fact a predominantly indigenous African civilization created by dark-skinned people we would probably label “black” if we had to classify them according to our modern racial taxonomy.

My main argument is broken down in three sections, each dealing with evidence from a different academic discipline. The first section covers the archaeological evidence indicating a Sudanic and later Upper (southern) Egyptian origin for classical Egyptian culture. Next I cite cultural anthropological and Egyptological data that shows a cultural and linguistic relationship between ancient Egypt and the sub-Saharan African peoples. The final and longest section describes the biological anthropological evidence on the Egyptians’ physical appearance and relationship to other Africans.

I would appreciate some feedback on what I have written.