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Edition - July, 2011

The African Origins of the Ancient Egytians?

I originally wrote this paper for a peer-reviewed journal, but seeing that I am a mere student rather than a degree-carrying expert who has earned a lot of academic clout, I decided to share it with the larger Internet community on Scribd. The article’s thesis is that even though ancient Egypt is commonly characterized as […] [more…]

Notes on the Osireion at Abydos

Notes on the Osireion at Abydos

The Osireion was first excavated by Sir William Flinders Petrie, Margaret Murray and Petrie’s wife in the early 1900s. They found the tunnel and excavated towards what they called the “hypogeum.” It was full of sand and Roman filling when they began to clear it. Even before the full excavation of the site Murray speculated, convincingly, that “this was the building for the special worship of Osiris and the celebration of the Mysteries” [more…]

Support for mobile phones

On behalf of  “J.” Do you plan on making a mobile version for your online journals making it easier to read on mobile phones?   [more…]

Tunnels of the Osireion, Abydos

(Editor’s note:  See the photographs of the Osireion by James on Egyptological at: I have a bit of a theory about what this was.  Wouldn’t it be nice if these tunnels were used during the Raising of the Djed Pillar ceremony?  I can see priests walking down the tunnel in photos 3 and 4 […] [more…]

Visitor Statistics for Edition 1

Our contributors – and visitors – might be interested in the visitor statistics over the  nearly 3 weeks up to 20th July since we launched Edition 1 of Egyptological.  During that period we welcomed 4,072 visits (2,660 unique visitors) from 87 countries who have read a total of 15,789 pages on the main Egyptological site.  […] [more…]

Hatshepsut Papyri?

Stuart Tyler, author of the Hatshepsut Project, asks: I have been researching Hatshepsut’s footsteps for around a year now and i have yet to come across any papyri/papyrus mentioning her. Perhaps i am not looking in the right places or maybe none have been discovered? I wonder if anyone else has any leads or information […] [more…]

Book Review: Religion and Ritual in Ancient Egypt by Emily Teeter

If you’ve read Emily Teeter’s other books on Egyptology or her catalogues for the exhibits she manages at the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute, you will expect this book to be full of great detail and thorough scholarship, delivered with ease in a flowing style that makes it a fast read and enjoyable throughout. If those are your expectations, you will be rewarded.  [more…]

A few thoughts about duality and the desert

A few thoughts about duality and the desert

Brian Alm’s excellent introductory article on ancient Egyptian religion in Edition 1 of Egyptological, the first in a series of five articles on the topic, includes a section on duality. I have often pondered the extent to which the Egyptians segregated religious belief, which potentially formed an explanatory but idealized model of life, from everyday pragmatism. Duality is a good case in point.  [more…]

Busy Ten Days

9th July 2011.  It usually works out that with two of us when one of us with busy with other things that the other isn’t.  That hasn’t quite worked out for the next ten days and both of us have quite a lot on.  One or other us will be online every day – in […] [more…]

Inscriptions of Mortuary Temple of Seti I

The author Michael Heiser is looking for publication on the inscriptions of the hieroglyphic inscriptions at the West Bank of thw Mortuary Temple of Seti I.  Can anybody point to where these have been published please? [more…]