James Whitfield

Edition - July, 2011

Tunnels of the Osireion, Abydos

(Editor’s note:  See the photographs of the Osireion by James on Egyptological at:  http://bit.ly/oVYiSE): I have a bit of a theory about what this was.  Wouldn’t it be nice if these tunnels were used during the Raising of the Djed Pillar ceremony?  I can see priests walking down the tunnel in photos 3 and 4 […] [more…]

Edition - June, 2011

Odd-headed deity from Abydos

    James Whitfield, who has added some great photos of Abydos to the Photo Album, has a query about the figure in this post: I haven’t seen any figures like this before that I can remember.  I can see the hieroglyphs for Nephthys on the right side of the photo, but I’m unsure if […] [more…]

Edition - April, 2011

What was on this platform at Medinet Habu?

James Whitfield would like to know if  the platform in the photo was the site where a statue might have been located, or even perhaps the location of a throne of Ramses III.  It is  adjacent to the place that John Romer described as the royal bath.  You can click the image to see the […] [more…]