Book Review: Treasures of Ancient Egypt – From the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Treasures of Ancient Egypt

Treasures of Ancient Egypt

Treasures of Ancient Egypt: From the Egyptian Museum in Cairo
By Alessandro Bongioanni
ISBN-13: 978-8854401853

For anyone planning to visit or re-visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo this book is an invaluable resource and would make a good souvenir.

The book has been produced to very high standards.  The excellent  photographs by Araldo De Luca are in colour and printed in high resolution.  The glossy pages display the photographs perfectly.  The accompanying  descriptions are extremely helpful and there is a list of objects at the end. There are floor plans to help visitors find their way around, and even a suggested tour for visitors in a hurry. The chapters are arranged in chronological order.  As you would expect, there is an entire section dedicated to the Tutankhamun collection.

At 632 pages of glossy paper this is not a light-weight addition to your suitcase or hand luggage if you do want to take it with you, but it is worth the trouble.

As well as a visitor guide to the museum it is a very useful reference tool for looking up details of items in the museum, including basic dimensions, provenance and the museum catalogue number.

For me the only real downside is the frustration of really wanting to identify one of the outdoor exhibits and finding that they are not covered, which seems somewhat arbitrary.