How is your knowledge of hieroglyphs?

We are excited that we support the display of hieroglyphs on Egyptological.  We are wondering how we should use this.  Would you be interested in some introductory courses for example; or maybe somebody would like to use the functionality to write a Journal article about particular texts?

You can also use them within comments.  It is easy.  For a single symbol just use this format.  It is like marking bold text on many forums.

[hieroglyph]anx[/hieroglyph] is the light version if you just want one symbol Cached Hieroglyph: anx Cache: yes

You can also specify longer text or compound symbols [hieroglyph]p*(t:Z4):pt[/hieroglyph] using the Manuel de Codage format.

This is very new, so inevitably there will be some bugs in the display of more advanced texts.  If you find problems, please contact us.  It is very, very complex code so please bear in mind that fixes may take some time!  It would be great if we can ease our way into this slowly.  The goal however is to move towards supporting fully interactive discussion of hieroglyphs, and maybe of specific texts.

If you wish, you can also just put in the plain MDC like p:(t:Z4):pt but sometimes being able to display something like a King’s name is valuable.  Now you can!