Small Update and Dates for Next Editions

Scorpion Macehead, Ashmolean Museum

We made some small changes to the site a few days ago, tweaking the Home menu to highlight editions, renaming “Leader Articles” as “Latest Articles” and clarifying what is shown there – the articles from the latest edition. We will continue to evolve the layout of the site in response to readers’ feedback and as the content grows. We plan on changing the front page when we publish future editions, showcasing a new image each time to alert visitors to the release of each new edition.

We hope to publish Edition 3 of the Magazine on 1st December, but it does depend how finalising articles goes … We are looking forward to it.  We would also really welcome more articles for Edition 4 which we would hope to publish in February.  So if you have something to contribute, please get in touch.

We are also planning to publish Edition 2 of the Journal by 21st November.  If you have anything to contribute for the third edition, we would be happy to hear from you so please contact us.

We are pleased with the statistics.  An article from one of the early editions is still read over 100 times a week which shows that we are building an archive of material which will be read for years to come.