Editorial – Journal Edition 2 and Magazine Edition 3

Faience bowl, Brussels. Photo by Andrea Byrnes

Faience bowl, Brussels. Photo by Andrea Byrnes

Welcome to our latest editions of the Journal and Magazine sections.  There is a great mixture of topics, which we hope will provide something for everyone.

In the Journal section Etienne Vande Walle  has contributed more of his research into the legal terminology of Ancient Egypt, this time focusing on the significance of two titles from the Middle Kingdom.   Francis Lankester looks at the evidence for the identity of the elusive Early Dynastic King Scorpion.  Finally, an article about A.J. Arkell traces his work in the Sudan in the early and mid 1900s and his subsequent role at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology in London, U.K.

In the Magazine Articles section Barbara O’Neill discusses Hatshepsut and the ways in which she sought to validate her position as Pharaoh.  Brian Alm continues his excellent series on Ancient Egyptian religion with a detailed look at temples, festivals and personal piety, and Howard Middleton-Jones begins an occasional series of articles on Coptic heritage with an introduction to Coptic religion and an overview of the earliest art and architecture that remain.  In the Magazine Reviews section, Kate Phizackerly has added two more reviews from the AWT Conference, covering Paul T. Nicholson’s Glass, Faience and Pottering Making at Amarna and Jo Marchant’s Curse of the Pharaoh’s DNA There is also a book review of Gifts of the Nile – Ancient Egyptian Faience edited by F.D.Friedman, (review by Andrea Byrnes), to complement the review of Paul Nicholson’s AWT lecture.

In the Colloquy section there are also additions to In Brief and the Photo Album including a photo set in Photo Albums by Sarah Preece showcasing the Fatimid rock crystal items in the V&A and a short piece in In Brief about the elusive leonine goddess Pakhet, who is mentioned by Barbara O’Neill in her article Hatshepsut – King of Egypt.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy the latest editions.  Do feel free to comment on any of the articles – our authors seriously appreciate the feedback that readers provide.

As usual, we are looking for more writers for the Journal, Magazine and In Brief, and more photographs for our Photo Albums.  Don’t forget that you do not have to be an experienced writer to contribute.  If you have good material we can help you to put it in order and make it into an article. Do get in touch.

The editors continue to watch news reports on the state of Egyptian politics, tourism and heritage management and send all best wishes to the Egyptian people as the results of the upcoming elections are revealed.  We hope that a better future is not too far ahead.

Andrea Byrnes and Kate Phizackerly