Edition - December, 2012

Discussion: King Apophis and Hippos?

I’ve been tearing through every book I have, pouring over websites, and I can’t seem to find a satisfactory explaination as to the meaning of King Apophis’ message to Pharaoh Seqenenre, wherein Apophis complains about the noise of the hippos in a canal in east Thebes. It has been suggested that the hippos are metaphorical, […] [more…]

Figure 14. bHn dog beneath chair. Tomb of Nebamun. Photgraph by P. Gorgori

Eternal Companions – The Creatures Who Could Speak to God

Animals were a ritually charged symbol of life, lavishly represented in Egypt’s literature, arts, and crafts. They were believed to be creatures of the gods with the ability to communicate directly with a range of deities. Indeed, animal vocalisation was perceived as a secret language understood by the gods. The prominence of animals within Egyptian elite culture however, did not result in the animal loving traditions which exist today. Animal necropolises throughout Egypt bear witness to the fact that many creatures, including those we now value as domestic pets, were routinely strangled mummified and presented as votive offerings to gods with which the animals were associated. [more…]