Rhio Barnhart

Rhio Barnhart has a BA degree from the University of Cincinnati in harpsichord performance and attended graduate school at UCLA in the same field. He worked for over 31 years at several University of California locations and retired in 2010 from the University of California at Davis where he was the Music Department librarian. Retirement allowed him to pursue Egyptian language studies, after a lifetime of thinking about it. Prior to the revolution in Egypt, he volunteered to write object descriptions for the Cairo Egyptian museum database project. He has also designed two web pages, one for the study of hieroglyphic biliteral signs and another for an extended sign list based on the Aegyptus font.

Edition - June, 2011

Figure 22. A fragment from the tomb of Seti I in the British Museum, London

Studying Hieroglyphs Online – Some Observations

In 2009 I signed up to study the ancient Egyptian Language online through the Glyphstudy group. The Glyphstudy group is available, free of charge, to anyone interested in studying the grammar of ancient Egyptian. There are a number of groups under the Glyphstudy banner.  [more…]