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Question about healthcare facilities

We’ve had a query from andrea@hydeinc, who works in healthcare facility design and would like to know if any healtchare facilities have been identified from Ancient Egypt and how they wre laid out. She is particularly interested in floor plans and what sort of access to daylight and water were provided, with a view to […] [more…]

Painted Vessel 3

Exhibition spotlight: ‘Before the Pyramids’ at the Oriental Institute

The following short article provides a virtual tour of some of the items on show in the recent exhibition from the Oriental Institute Museum’s 2011 exhibit, Before the Pyramids: The Origins of Egyptian Civilization, at the University of Chicago.  [more…]

Tomb K64 in the Valley of the Kings – The Story as it Broke

This brief article was written on 15th January when the discovery of Tomb KV64 in the Valley of the Kings was formally announced.  Please refer to the Addendum of 18th January for the latest news, which also corrects some of the orginal report. The tomb was announced in Luxor by Mansour Boraik in Luxor and […] [more…]

Paneb and sons worshiping Meretseger.  British Museum stela 272. Copyright: Trustees of The British Museum

Paneb – “The All Round Bad Guy”

In Joyce Tyldesley’s Judgment of the Pharaohs, Tyldesley makes several references to an individual at Deir el-Medineh named Paneb, whom she describes evocatively as “the all round bad guy” (2000, p.127). In this short article, I have brought together some of the misdemeanours outlined in a letter known as Papyrus Salt 124 (BM 10055) for a closer look at this colourful character.  [more…]

Lecture Review: Dancers, Donkeys, and Dirt: New Discoveries from the Time of the Black Pharaohs from South Asasif, Egypt

Dr Pischikova recently gave a fascinating lecture on the rediscovered Twenty-fifth Dynasty early Kushite tomb of Karakhamun (TT 223) in the South Asasif necropolis, situated in Luxor’s West Bank. The lecture took place on 24th November 2011 in the Friends of the Egypt Centre in Swansea, south Wales (U.K.). [more…]

Help researching Ankhesenamum

I have been an armchair egyptologist for over 50 years. I have two main interests in Egyptology; Ankhesenamum and Tutmania. As a psychologist, I have long been interested in the impact of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun as a social and cultural phenomenon and as an aspect of popular culture to the present […] [more…]

A very happy New Year

We hope you have enjoyed Egyptological throughout 2011. Why not celebrate the New Year by writing an article for Egyptological?  Add it to your New Years Resolution list 🙂 Wishing you all the best for 2012.   Andrea and Kate   [more…]