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An interview with Dr Garry Shaw - any questions?

An interview with Dr Garry Shaw – any questions?

Dr Garry J. Shaw’s new book “The Egyptian Myths” has just turned up on my doorstep. Dr Shaw has very kindly agreed to be interviewed about the book for Egyptological, so I am assembling questions as I read. Does anyone have any questions that they would like me to put to Dr Shaw? You can […] [more…]

Photographing the Past - The Gaddis Legacy

Photographing the Past – The Gaddis Legacy

By Kate Gingell.  Published on In Brief, Egyptological, 20th March 2014   During my many visits to Luxor I have always visited the Gaddis Bookshop to browse through all the old photographs and cameras. Until my last visit in November 2013 I did not know the history of the shop nor the story behind the […] [more…]

Nebamun hunting in the marshes

The paintings from the lost tomb-chapel of Nebamun

The paintings from the tomb of Nebamun are justifiably famous for their beauty and incredible dynamism. The British Museum purchased the panels that it has in 1821 . They were located by a Greek tomb robber named Giovanni d’Athanasi, who worked as an agent for Henry Salt in Luxor. Unfortunately d’Athanasi was angered by the finder’s fee offered and he refused to give up the location of the tomb from where the panels had been removed. The location of the chapel remains unknown to this day. [more…]