Michelle Low

Michelle HY Low is a student of University of Manchester’s Certificate in Egyptology and Monash University. She is currently residing in Malaysia and intends to pursue a career as an Egyptologist.

Edition - July, 2012

21st Dynasty Mummification

21st Dynasty Mummification

By Michelle HY Low.  Published on Egyptological, In Brief, 24th July 2012.    The death of Ramesses XI marked the end of the 20th Dynasty and the New Kingdom, which consequently led to the emergence of the 21st Dynasty and the Third Intermediate Period. With the emergence of this new era,  Egypt experienced an instability not […] [more…]

Km.t on Luxor Obelisk

Was Egypt the First Nation State?

By Kate Phizackerley and Michelle Low. Published on Egyptological, Magazine Articles, Edition 6, May 31st 2012 Editorial (Kate Phizackerley) Was Pharaonic Egypt a nation state?  This is not a new question but it is hard to answer for a variety of reasons, including: the context of the question is rooted in a modern concept (nation-state); […] [more…]