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Edition - June, 2012

Egyptological is One Year Old Today

Egyptological is One Year Old Today

The first edition of Egyptological was published a year ago on 30th June: our birthday.  Of course Egyptological had a long gestation, with a sample edition and a long build, but the day we celebrate is 30th June. It has been a great first year.  We are so grateful for the stalwart support we have […] [more…]

The Mystery of Psusenes III

The Mystery of Psusenes III

John Gardner Wilkinson published his ‘Materia Hieroglyphica’ in Malta in 1828, having spent the previous year in Luxor recording inscriptions in the Nobles’ Tombs. The most important aspect of this volume is the inclusion of records from the Theban Tomb TTA18 which early Egyptologists used to identify pharaoh Psusenes III. As TTA18 contains the only mention of Psusenes III, some scholars are starting to doubt if this identification of an otherwise unattested pharaoh was at all correct. Others probed into the possibility that Psusenes III is the same person as Psusenes II. Yet others see Psusenes III as High Priest of Amen only. [more…]

Stela showing the deity Mestjet

An Offering to Henut-Mestjet

All Ancient Egyptian lion deities share the same basic attributes. Capable of great rage and great kindness, some are associated very closely with the Eye of Ra and all were considered to be important protectors of the dead, fierce and nurturing protectors. Of all the leonine deities the most elusive is Henut-Mestjet, or Mestjet.  [more…]

Yesterday’s Perfomance Problems Resolved – Hopefullly!

The performance of the site yesterday (1st June) was dire, for which our apologies.  It was driving Andrea and I crazy and I am sure it was irrritating anybody else trying to read the new edition as well.  We are so sorry. It seems to have been a server issue but neither our (normally excellent) […] [more…]