Egyptological Magazine – Edition 2

Welcome to the second edition of Egyptological Magazine

(Published 9th September, 2011)

Banquet Scene, Tomb of Nebamun. Photograph courtesy of the British Museum

Banquet Scene, Tomb of Nebamun. Photograph courtesy of the British Museum

Egyptological is getting bigger with 10 new articles or reviews published today and another album of photographs for your enjoyment.

Egyptological Magazine

In the Magazine we are pleased to see the return of two authors from the first edition.  Brian Alm is continuing his popular series on the religion of the ancient Egyptians while Barbara O’Neill returns with another lavishly illustrated article.  The image alongside, from the tomb of Nebamun is  just one of the images in her article on the depiction of animal companions in tombs.

We are delighted to welcome two new authors.  Philip A. Femano has written a must-read article questioning the purpose of the blocking stones in the Ascending Passage of the Great Pyramid.  Gary Beuk presents a biography of one of the best known early Egyptologists, and certainly the most colourful, Gionanni Battista Belzoni.

Andrea Byrnes has added an article on the little known subject of Libyan Desert glass, a real treat for any Tutankhamun fans who have not heard of this unusual material found amongst his jewelery.

We hope you will show your appreciation for all of our writers by leaving comments on their pieces.

Our plan is for the Magazine to feature reviews as well as articles and you will find three of those as well, written by us.  We attended the AWT conference last weekend and offer an overview and the first of our detailed reviews of invidual lectures.  More will follow over the next few weeks.


Our new readers are reminded that Egyptological has three distinct sections: the Journal; the Magazine; and Colloquy.  New within Colloquy you will find a review of an hieroglyphs course by a triad of new authors Glynis Greaves, Pat Kennedy, Sue Drew and yet another review from Andrea.  Since pictures are popular, there is also a new photo album by another new contributor, Glyn Morris, who presents pictures of the Akhemenu Temple at Karnak.

More material is planned for Colloquy over the next few weeks.  The beauty is that you don’t have to wait for the next edition.  Colloquy is like snacking between meals!

Egyptological Journal

The next edition of the Journal will be published within a month or so.

Writers, Photograpahers and Volunteers Wanted

Egyptological is a free magazine for the community, by the community.  We are always looking for new contributors.  Please see the Participate section of the site for details of writing for us or submitting photographs.

We also really need more volunteers to help us.  The more material we publish, the more work that is for our wonderful volunteers who have helped with proof reading.  We would particularly like to thank Karen Hauck, Joyce Scribner, Cheryll Agg and Rebecca Kelly.  If we are to continue to publish several articles a month, we really need more help with proof-reading and, for some articles, translation.  If you can help, please contact us.

We would also particularly like a couple of assistants who could take on the role of Events secretary between them and keep the site up to date with any new Egyptology events around the world.

* * * * *

We hope you enjoy the new edition of our Egyptological Magazine.  We are very grateful to the authors who have contributed material to make this second edition such a great success and would like to say a big thank you to them all.  We could not do this without you.

Image: tomb of Nebamun, courtesy British Museum