Edition - June, 2014

Brian Alm's decoder for Greek terms

Brian Alm’s decoder for Greek terms

Further to his previous article, Brian Alm has very kindly responded to a number of requests for a decoder for Greek terms by sending the following tables for readers. [more…]

Notes on Legal Vocabulary (Old Kingdom and the First Intermediate Period)

Notes on Legal Vocabulary (Old Kingdom and the First Intermediate Period)

In approaching the study of sAb, I raised the issue of the purport of this title and proposed a hypothesis for its translation (Vande Walle 2011) which differs from the usual notion of judge. In doing so, I collected some data on terminology concerning the act of judging and of the actors revolving around its implementation, which are the subject of this work. [more…]

Edition - September, 2011

Course Review: The SACE Beginner and Intermediate Hieroglyphs course 2011

The SACE Ancient World Summer School “Beginner and Intermediate Hieroglyphs” course ran for a week in August this year. Three of those attending the course offered to write up a summary of their experiences on the course. With different backgrounds and levels of confidence they have provided an insight into their perceptions on the value and challenges of the course. Our thanks to them for sharing their thoughts. [more…]

Edition - June, 2011

Black-headed Plover from Beni Hasan

The Rekhyt

The hieroglyphs of the rekhyt, Gardiner sign G23 or G24 have previously only been identified as the “black”-backed Northern Lapwing Vanellus vanellus. However, apart from its colours, the Northern Lapwing has two other key identification features, a crest and a solid black breast.  [more…]

Figure 22. A fragment from the tomb of Seti I in the British Museum, London

Studying Hieroglyphs Online – Some Observations

In 2009 I signed up to study the ancient Egyptian Language online through the Glyphstudy group. The Glyphstudy group is available, free of charge, to anyone interested in studying the grammar of ancient Egyptian. There are a number of groups under the Glyphstudy banner.  [more…]